Terms Of Service

Papermerge online cloud service (hereinafter referred to as "We", "Papermerge", "Papermerge Cloud"), is a Software as Service (SaaS) offered by Eugen Ciur, registered freelancer operating in Germany, Löwenberger Str 4, 10315 Berlin. Papermerge cloud is SaaS service to host documents for private individuals, freelancers, families, small and medium businesses or organizations (hereinafter referred to as "Clients" or "Customers").

To take advantage of Papermerge service, the customer must first be aware of these Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") available on the website Papermerge and declare that it has expressly accepted.


The goal of this contract is to define clearly the terms of supply and use of all services offered by Papermerge for use by the customer. This page aims to describe Papermerge Cloud service.

Service Description

Papermerge Cloud offers SaaS to host, index, organize and automate workflows of customer documents.

Intelectual Property

All contents of Papermerge are the exclusive property of Eugen Ciur and should be used with express permission of the owner. Thus are protected without limitation all editorial content, graphics, logo, name, mark and the domain name of Papermerge. Any representation, reproduction, redistribution of content of Papermerge, even partial, for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited under penalty of prosecution.

Obligations and responsibilities of Papermerge

Exceptionally Papermerge is not liable if the execution of service offerings is interrupted or disturbed, totally or partially, by an outside event independent of the will of the parties or as a failure of the Internet, as Papermerge can not control. Exceptionally Papermerge disclaims any liability for failure from the client to the obligations. Papermerge will do the best effort to fix any bugs in the service and to limit service downtimes to the minimum.

Obligations and responsibilities of the client

The client undertakes to provide complete and accurate personal information when registering for Papermerge Cloud. The customer also agrees to update their personal information whenever necessary. The customer is responsible for the accuracy of personal information shared with Papermerge. Customer agrees to use the services Papermerge manner and strictly lawful purposes, in compliance with applicable laws. The customer fails to publish content and nature of child pornography, inciting racial hatred, suicide, provoking crimes, offenses and the denial of crimes against humanity. The customer shall not publish any content displaying violence or pornography. Customers are responsible for the content they publish. The customer agrees and is responsible for payment in a timely manner of service offerings which he agreed. The client undertakes to take all necessary precautions to protect its personal and strictly confidential identifiers. The customer agrees to choose a password with a sufficient level of security and not disclose it to any third parties.

Personal Data

We do NOT give, sell or transmit, neither your documents nor derivative information from your documents to 3rd parties. Your documents stay on our servers, and it is the core of our business to keep your documents safe and secure. Your data is yours only and our business is to guard your data securely. We rent servers from Linode.com. In order to assure long term storage of your documents we make backups twice a day. Backups are encrypted using AES 256 CBC algorithm with 2048 bit X509 certificates. Encrypted backups are stored on two remote AWS S3 servers located in two distinct data centers.

Conditions for opening account

Any use of Papermerge services is subject to the opening of an account. Creation of the account is free. The customer completes the form in compliance with these Terms. If you forget credentials, they are sent by e-mail to the address indicated by the client when registering. The account is activated after sending an email to the email address specified by the customer during registration.

Method of suspension, cancellation or termination of account

Papermerge reserves the right to suspend or delete an account that does not comply with these Terms and Conditions. The customer has a right to terminate their account after its specific application to the following email address: contact@papermerge.com


All prices are shown on this website at the following address: https://papermerge.com/pricing. These are expressed in euros including taxes. Papermerge reserves the right to revise its rates. Pricing is done by month. At the billing date, a user is defined by:

  • Not a guest
  • Active at least once during the last month
  • Not deleted


Payment is made online by credit card. Upon default, rejection or cancellation of payment, the customer's order is canceled.

Procedures for the right of withdrawal

The customer, as a consumer, has the right of withdrawal for 7 days from the date order purchase. This right may be exercised by mail to the following email address: contact@papermerge.com. Beyond this period, the customer loses the right to exercise his right of withdrawal.


The exercise of right of withdrawal involves the repayment of all sums for which the customer has been withdrawn or debited exceptions. This reimbursement shall be made within 30 days of acceptance of the claim. Exceptionally, the claim is denied if the customer has used totally or partially the service for which it has subscribed.

Service execution

The execution of the service takes place following receipt of payment from the customer's order by Papermerge and later within 7 working days of receipt of payment.


Maintenance solutions are provided. Actions should be distinguished from corrective maintenance of ongoing maintenance. Papermerge provides a mail support to address the anomalies, and is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00. Reports of abnormality should be confirmed by email to Papermerge without delay. Papermerge proceed to diagnose the problem and then put out his correction. Papermerge not responsible for the maintenance in the following cases:

  • Client's refusal to cooperate with Papermerge in resolving anomalies including responding questions and inquiries
  • Use application services in a manner inconsistent with their destination or their documentation
  • Unauthorized modification of solutions by the customer or by a third party
  • Failure of the customer to meet its obligations under the contract
  • Implementation of all software, software or operating system is not compatible with the application services
  • Failure of electronic communication networks
  • Voluntary act of degradation, malice, sabotage
  • Deterioration due to a case of force majeure or improper use of application services.
Papermerge agrees to transmit documentation updates to new versions of solutions. Corrections and changes of application services are expressly subject to contract.